OK I pooped myself in Southeast Asia

As I was conversing with the doctor at the travel clinic before my trip to Vietnam and Thailand she said “I’ll prescribe you doxycycline for when you inevitably have diarrhea.” I chuckled. I thought she would too.

She didn’t laugh, she was completely serious, and worst of all, she was correct.

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Hiking Alone in Glacier National Park Could Have Gone Better

4 out of 5 hot mess tinis The Highline Trail to Swiftcurrent Summit I knew my plan was perhaps imperfect when everyone I told called it a “death wish” but my mom says that to me all the time so I figured they were all just being dramatic; I was still planning to go to Glacier National Park to hike by myself. — At least waking up went according to plan. The alarm banged on…

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Get from Dubai Airport to the Sheikh Zayad Mosque (Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi) Cheaply & Quickly on the Free Emirates Bus

It’s totally perfect if you’re willing to put up with it being a complete nightmare This blog contains the following: Required reading if you’re taking the free Emirates bus / shuttle from Dubai to Abu Dhabi (or vice versa) – especially during a long layover A illustrative story of my running around like an idiot A case study for Emirates Airlines operations people Backstory I was looking for ways to cheaply travel to Abu Dhabi…

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